Why you Should Remodel your Kitchen Today January 6, 2017

Unless you can afford to eat out all the time, you probably spent a lot of your time in the kitchen like the rest of us. The average person spends 2 hours and 8 minutes in their kitchen a day (it’s a bit less in the United States) which means you may spend a whopping 32 days a year in that room alone. So look around, is it a nice place? The benefits of kitchen remodeling are probably more dramatic than you may think, from the world environment to your psyche – it may be one of the better decisions you could make.

kitchen remodeling

First things first, replacing your old appliances can not only make your life more efficient, but it can also actually make your homes power usage more efficient. The advancements in technology lately mean that newer machines only use a fraction of the energy they once did. LED lights and Energy Star ratings are must haves for all your new purchases.

On top of saving you time in your daily activities, a remodel can also free up space for you to live in. A modern renovation can improve ventilation and make a slew of little improvement to your day you had never considered. Like shelf space. Of course, a remodel can significantly increase your home’s value as well. Usually, around 65% – 75% of your remodeling costs are recouped in the growing value of your home. It can also make it easier to sell for a higher price overall when prospective buyers see how much care you have put into the home overall.

So with kitchen remodeling, you’ll likely improve the quality of your daily life, the size of your carbon footprint, as well as be improving the value of your home.  What are you waiting for?

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