Tips For Dads With Baby Girls December 2, 2016

A man’s whole world changes once he has a daughter. Everything suddenly seems more dangerous and likely to harm your precious princess. That’s why many fathers are so overprotective as their little girls grow older. Many fathers forget that some tender bonding time is necessary for a healthy relationship with their little girl. Spending time with them from their birth is crucial, you can’t just be a dictator in her life.

Once your baby girl comes home make sure that you spend one on one time with her. Going for a walk with pink strollers, changing nappies and bottle feeding your baby are all ways that you can build a relationship with her from a young age. Once she starts making noises like coos and babbles, chat back to her. The more you talk to your little girl the faster she will be able to speak coherently. Always speak to her in warm and loving tones, but don’t be afraid to be firm when necessary. Discipline with little girls are most effective if you do it in a gentle way. Once she’s a teenager, she’ll be more scared of disappointing you than angering you. That is the key to a good relationship.

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Having twin girls will require you to work double time. Little girls will want their daddy’s undivided attention and jealousy may arise amongst siblings. Make sure you spend enough alone time with each of your daughters, but spend time with both as well. Mommy, daddy and both little girls can go for walks every day to build the bond and stay healthy. Remember your pink strollers for when they get tired. Tiring out your little girls with fun family activities will also leave enough alone time for you and your wife to spend quality time together.

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